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Premium Pet Care, Food & Supplies in Leadville, CO


Grateful Paws is located in beautiful Leadville, Colorado,
serving locals & visitors with supervised & loving pet care plus premium pet foods & supplies.

  • Premium pet foods & supplies ...more info
  • Doggie daycare ...more info
  • In-Home pet care & sleepovers ...more info
  • Self service dog wash - shampoo, towels, & brushes included ...more info
  • Professional pet grooming (coming in June!) ...more info
  • Free pet food delivery in Leadville/Lake County, Colorado

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Our Services

We love our furbabies and their humans!

Doggie Daycare

Our dedicated staff will ensure your dog will have plenty of attention, socialization & exercise!

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In Home Visits

We will come to your home to care for your pet during the day, or even stay overnight!

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Pet Food Delivery

FREE in Leadville and Lake County! Please call us to place your order and we'll bring it to you!


Self Service Dog Wash

By appointment only. We have a dedicated room with a self-service dog-wash station. Bring in your dirty dog & let us deal with the mess!

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Professional Grooming

Breanne is here! We'll professionally bathe and groom your dog with high quality, all natural and hypoallergenic products.

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Premium Products

Grateful Paws feels very strongly about nourishing our pets with a premium pet food to enhance health. These foods contains more meat, fruits and vegetables and less filler, with added vitamins and minerals so your pets gets more of what they needs.

Quality Accessories help keep your pets safe, Quality Toys provide exercise and mental stimulation and Quality Wellness Products can help with your pets health and comfort, both inside and out.

  • Acana Pet Food
  • Canine Naturals
    Canine Naturals
  • Carna4 Pet Food
  • Diamond Pet Foods
  • Dr. Elsey's Cat Litter
    Dr. Elsey's Cat Litter
  • Earth Animal No-Hide Chews
    Earth Animal No-Hide Chews
  • Earth Buddy CBD Chews
    Earth Buddy CBD Chews
  • Earthborn Holistic
    Earthborn Holistic
  • Essence Cat Food
    Essence Cat Food
  • Fromm
  • Fussie Cat
    Fussie Cat
  • Greenies Pill Pockets
    Greenies Pill Pockets
  • Himalayan Dog Chews
    Himalayan Dog Chews
  • Inception
  • K9 Natural
    K9 Natural
  • Kong Toys
    Kong Toys
  • Natural Balance
    Natural Balance
  • Natural Dog Company
    Natural Dog Company
  • Naturallly Fresh Cat Litter
    Naturallly Fresh Cat Litter
  • Nature's Logic
    Nature's Logic
  • Nootie
  • Nuggets
  • Nutrisource
  • Odessa's CBD Oils
    Odessa's CBD Oils
  • Orijen
  • Oxbow Rabbit Food & Supplies
    Oxbow Rabbit Food & Supplies
  • Pet Park Blvd Tuffimals
    Pet Park Blvd Tuffimals
  • Primal
  • Redbarn
  • Redpaw
  • Ruffwear
  • Small Batch Raw Diets
    Small Batch Raw Diets
  • Sojos
  • SPORTMiX Wholesomes Gourmet Biscuit Treats
    SPORTMiX Wholesomes Gourmet Biscuit Treats
  • Stella & Chewy's
    Stella & Chewy's
  • Steve's Real Food
    Steve's Real Food
  • Suzie's CBD Treats
    Suzie's CBD Treats
  • Tucker's
  • Victor
  • Vital Essentials
    Vital Essentials
  • Wag More Bark Less Dog Biscuits
    Wag More Bark Less Dog Biscuits
  • Zignature
  • Zuke's Dog Treats
    Zuke's Dog Treats

Team Grateful Paws

Meet our team of furbaby-loving humans!

Jill Cohn Hall
Jill Cohn Hall with Stella Blue


Breanne Conway
Bre with Goose

Professional Groomer

Diane Grogan
Diane Grogan with Goldie Malone

Team Member

Michaela Vannote
Michaela Vannote with Ebony

Team Member

Doggie Daycare

By appointment only. We are here for you if you live here and want your pup to have playtime while you’re at work, or if you’re visiting Leadville with your dog and want to visit a museum or do something your dog cannot. There are many great reasons to use Grateful Paws doggie daycare!

All dogs need to be spayed/neutered and have up-to-date vaccinations to attend doggie daycare.

Stop in to see our newly remodeled and super clean facilities!

Meet & Greet: $22

Full day doggie daycare (8 am – 6 pm): $22

Half day doggie daycare (up to 5 hours): $12

Prepare for your Visit

Before scheduling Doggie Daycare, an In-Home Visit, or a Grooming Appointment, there are a few things we need in order to understand and keep your pet safe.

  • Fill out our New Customer Registration Form & sign our Paws Pet Care Agreement
    • provide basic information about you and your pets
    • provide your pets up-to-date vaccination records
      • Rabies – required
        • virus that attacks the brain
        • carried and spread by skunk, bat, fox, raccoon and coyote
      • DHPP – required
        • Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza & Parvovirus
        • often called the “puppy vaccine”)
      • Bordetella – required
        • Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis
        • often called kennel cough
      • Leptospirosis – required
        • bacterial infection spread by mice, raccoons, fox, skunks, opossums & voles
      • Canine Influenza – suggested
        • highly contagious viral infection
        • often called the dog flu
  • Schedule a Meet-n-Greet (for doggie daycare)
    • make sure your pet is comfortable in our environment
    • can be for an hour or two up to a full day
    • call 719-486-7375 or email for more information and pricing.

In-Home Visits & Sleepovers

A Grateful Paws team member can make visits through out the day to feed, walk or check-in on your pets, and can even spend the night with your four-legged family members while your out of town. Let us know what you need & we'll do our best to make it happen!

Call 719-486-7375 or email for more information and pricing.

Self Service Dog Wash

Self Service Dog Wash at Grateful Paws

By appointment only. We provide our all natural and hypoallergenic grooming products (shampoos, conditioners, spritzes, ear wipes & a selection of brushes) or may bring your own. We have environmentally friendly Ecobath Manuka Honey pet care products, along with Nootie’s premium dermatology & wellness products for your use.

Along with our premium pet washing products, we provide Colorado made KONG ZoomGroom brushes, plenty of towels and a Flying Pig high velocity dryer with adjustable speed and heat settings.

Do it Yourself Dog Wash: $17.

Self Serve Dog Wash Station Hours (by appointment only):
Monday-Saturday 10:15a - 4:15p
Sundays 11:15a - 2:15p

Call 719-486-7375 to reserve your spot for a self-service dog wash.

Professional Grooming

Breanne is here! She comes to us from the Front Range and has 3 years of grooming experience. Breanne has also worked with dogs in doggie day care and the veterinary field.

Prices start at $35 (depends on breed, size and age, by appointment only, vaccinations required)

We use all natural and hypoallergenic grooming products (shampoos, conditioners, spritzes, ear wipes & a selection of brushes), along with environmentally friendly Ecobath Manuka Honey pet care products and Nootie’s premium dermatology & wellness products.


We'd love to hear from you! We can special order for you if we don't carry the products you want!

Our Store

Want to work with us, order something or just want to say hello? Please reach out!

Mailing Address:
Grateful Paws
PO Box 1375
Leadville, CO 80461

Physical Address:
Grateful Paws
329 US Highway 24 South
Leadville, CO 80461

(719) 486-7375


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