Premium Pet Care & Supplies

Grateful Paws is located in beautiful Leadville, Colorado, serving locals and visitors with 100% supervised and loving pet care plus premium pet foods & supplies.

Grateful Paws is proud to offer Premium Pet Care in Leadville and the high Rockies of Colorado, offering

  • Premium pet foods & snacks…more
  • Premium pet supplies
    • We carry Ruffwear, Kong & many other great toys & dog supplies
  • 100% supervised doggie daycare…more
    • Are you hiking a fourteener and would prefer not to bring your dog?
  • 100% supervised doggie sleepovers…more
    • Are you staying somewhere that doesn’t allow dogs?  Schedule a sleepover or two – one of our team members will spend the night with your dogs!  All night long, just like a real sleepover!
  • Self service dog wash…more
  • Professional pet grooming with all natural and hypoallergenic products (coming soon)
  • Pet food delivery to the Leadville area


Retail Hours:

Monday – Saturday:  8 am – 6 pm
Sunday:  11 am – 4 pm

Doggie Daycare & Sleepovers by Appointment only


We feel very strongly about improving your pets health & happiness!

Doggie Daycare

We offer 100% supervised doggie daycare.  Our dedicated staff will ensure your dog will have a full or half day of socialization, exercise & attention!

Self Service Dog Wash

Dog Self Wash Station at Grateful Paws We have a dedicated room with a self-service dog-wash station.  Bring in your dirty dog & let us deal with the mess!

Doggie Sleepovers

Casey Jones We will be offering 100% supervised dog boarding - aka sleepovers!  Yes, our loving dream specialist will stay with your pet all night!

Pet Food Delivery

Grateful Paws Pet Food Delivery Place your order online or by a phone call and we'll deliver to the Leadville area! Please call for more details.

Dog Grooming

Grateful Paws Pet Grooming
Coming Soon!
We'll professionally groom your dog with high quality, all natural and hypoallergenic products.

Premium Pet Food

Premium pet food has higher quality protein, added antioxidants and vitamins, and no artificial colorings. These foods improve digestion and overall health, helping to make our pets happier. The nutritional value is higher, meaning your pet will eat less to get the same nutrition. You pet will have increased energy and improved coats, meaning softer, shinier fur with less itching and skin problems. Another benefit is less waste!

Our pets need a nutritionally balanced and complete diet to ensure that they have all the energy that they need to be healthy and happy. Our pet's diet needs to include proteins, fats, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, carbohydrates and water to suit their breed, activity levels and stage of life. These nutrients must be in a form that can be absorbed into the body as easily as possible and of course, the food must taste great.

Meet our Team

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