Doggie Sleepovers

Dog boarding

We offer 100% supervised dog boarding – aka sleepovers!  Yes, our loving ‘dream specialist’ will stay with your pet all night, making sure he’s comfortable and safe!

Are you visiting Leadville, staying somewhere you cannot bring your dog?  You can board him or her with us and pick them up during the day for hiking or swimming in one of Leadville/Lake County’s beautiful lakes!

All dogs need to be spayed/neutered and have up-to-date vaccinations to have a doggie sleepover!

Grateful Paws has three sizes of suites, complete with doggie beds! All of our suites are secure, with the top half open air, yet contained.
All suites have Colorado made Tuffr® dog beds for your pets comfort.

Doggie Sleepovers: $49/night (24 hours)

You can add 1/2 day daycare on either end to have your pet stay longer.

We offer a 10% discount on sleepovers for each additional dog in your family!

Grateful Paws Large Suite

Large Suite

Our custom built large suite can hold one large up to three medium or small dog pals!


Grateful Paws Medium Suite

Medium Suite

Our custom built medium suite can hold one medium up to two small dog pals!