Premium Pet Food

Grateful Paws feels very strongly about nourishing our pets with a premium pet food to enhance health. These foods contains more meat, fruits and vegetables and less filler, with added vitamins and minerals so your pet gets more of what he needs.

Here are a few benefits of feeding your pet premium pet food:

  • Healthy gut and digestion, with less waste
  • Improved joint health
  • Improved immune system due to the addition of antioxidants
  • Skin and coat health due to the addition of omega3 fatty acids
  • Improved dental health and hygiene because of the unique shape of the kibble
  • Improved muscle mass due to animal-based proteins
  • Reduced risk of lower urinary tract disease due to the controlled levels of minerals
  • Reduced hairballs and improved hair removal for cats through the addition of unique forms of natural fiber


Here are the premium pet foods we carry:

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